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“Entertainment Law is not as Entertaining as Entertainment”
― Kalyan C. Kankanala

This quote is very fitting in beginning this blog, since any attorney who deals with Entertainment law can tell you, the law behind what we love at concerts, book signings, Twitch streams etc. is not nearly as flashy and pretty behind the scenes. The important thing to realize is that without this work in the background, the amazing events we love to attend and be apart of wouldn’t happen.


The purpose of this blog is to help streamers who aren’t quite prepared for the world they are entering in. As you (a streamer) grow your base, you have to be prepared to protect your intellectual property. Your logo, your brand, your videos- everything is at risk if you aren’t properly protected. This blog hopes to help you in that venture, while also showing the importance of having a real manager and not just a friend who can protect and grow your base.174197725-612x612

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