Why Should Entertainment Streamers Trademark Their Brand?

“A great trademark is appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, memorable and unique.”

-Primo Angeli

While streamers often spend their time producing the best content possible and interacting with viewers, they tend to forget how important their brand is when the webcam cuts off. When you aren’t streaming, are you memorable? Let’s take for instance some of the bigger Twitch streamers- Ninja, Tyler1, and TimTheTatMan. These three streamers have developed their brand well past their stream by having their names associated with something.

–When you hear Ninja himself and not his actual video game skills, you think of his logo, the red bull fridge next to him always, maybe even his calling card- the bandanna on his head.


–When you hear Tyler1 outside of video game skills, you think insane guy, loud, rambunctious, strong, and his favorite promotion- Alpha.


–When you think of TimTheTatMan, you also think loud, sleeves of tattoos, his legendary dance moves for new subscribers (known as the #tatmanarmy)


I point these three examples out to show that all the top streamers typically have very noticeable traits that help them stand out from the masses on Twitch and most of all make them MARKETABLE. They all also have calling cards that you could point out if you were walking down the street and saw someone wearing their merchandise. The ninja logo on a shirt, the REFORMED t-shirt, or a TatManArmy shirt. This instantly makes a connection to you.

Now think to yourself- what do you have that stands out? Let’s say it’s your cool logo, or your streamer name. Those can help you stand out and look great on merchandise and your website; but are they protected so someone doesn’t steal it as their own? Or even worse- sell merchandise with your logo or stream name on it? If you haven’t protected your brand with trademarks, you’re risking losing the earnings you’ve worked for.

Registering a trademark can prove a daunting task for many, and that’s why we at LegalStreamerCentral recommend you find an attorney to help this process go smoothly. Once your trademark is registered, you will own the exclusive right to the use of your name/brand. Anyone who uses your trademark without permission will be liable to YOU for damages.


As your brand grows, new outlets for trademarking are found. As with Tyler1, his legendary #Reformed brand came together after being banned from League of Legends for toxicity in game. This new branding can be taken by anyone to make t-shirts if he doesn’t properly investigate protecting it. Being on top of your brand all the time can help provide you, your income, and your viewers with protection.

How does this protect your viewers? Say you do an exclusive merchandise deal to sell 500 shirts that are a special design just for Christmas. You make sure the shirts are high-quality and the logos are well created. Then, someone on the other side of the U.S. starts selling the exact same shirts on their website for a third of the cost, awful quality, and faded design? Your viewers will be upset with YOU for this happening. If only you had protected the brand this wouldn’t have happened, or at least you would have legal ramifications available.

We challenge you to find whatever it is that makes YOU stand out. Then, ask yourself if that is marketable and find out if you can protect it!